Pedagogies of Religion and Ecology Working Group

The Pedagogies of Religion and Ecology Working Group was established as a venue to share teaching resources, strategies, and learning outcomes. We invite submission of both syllabi for courses which explore the intersection of nature, cultures, and spiritualities, as well as documents or resources related to teaching strategies.
For more information, please write to Lucas Johnston.

Current Syllabus

All members of the ISSRNC have exclusive access to the following syllabus.

Download “The Idea of Nature” The-Idea-of-Nature.pdf – Downloaded 3 times – 159 KB

Download “Religion and Environmental Ethics” Religion-and-Environmental-Ethics.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 98 KB

Download “Modern Moral Problems — Climate Change” Modern-Moral-Problems_Climate-Change.pdf – Downloaded 1 time – 113 KB


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