2009 Conference

2009 – Religion, Nature, and Progress | University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 23-26, 2009)

More than 100 scholars from over two dozen countries and from various disciplines participated in sessions such as: Responding to Climate Change: Religion and Southern Perspectives on ‘Light’ Development; Nature, Ecosystems and Ethics; Sacred Sites and Sense of Place; Farm Gardens / Forests / Water and Spiritual Progress; Notions of Progress in the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution; Christianity / Islam / Eastern Traditions / Indigenous Traditions and Progress; Intercultural Contacts, Animism, Pantheism and Paganism; and Philosophical, Political, Methodological & Historical Considerations. The final Program Book, complete with introduction, program, abstracts, and list of presenters, can be found below.

Featured speakers included Odeh Rashid Al-Jayyousi (World Conservation Union IUCN, Amman); Jonathan Benthall (University College London); Jan Boersema (Free University, Amsterdam); Colin Campbell (University of York); Bron Taylor (University of Florida); Donald Worster (University of Kansas); David Haberman (Indiana University); William Newman (Indiana University); John Barry (Queen’s University, Belfast); Eric M. Katz (New Jersey’s Science and Technology University); Nina Witoszek (University of Oslo) and many others. 

2009 Conference Program


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