Here you can find more information about ISSRNC conferences past, present and future. Details about upcoming conference will be posted here once they are available.

To view more about a specific past conference, either select the year below or from the main menu under the Conferences tab.

2017 – Mountains and Sacred Landscapes | The New School, New York City (April 20-23, 2017)

2016 – Religion, Science and the Future | University of Gainesville, Florida (Jan 14-17, 2016)

2012 – Nature & the Popular Imagination | Pepperdine University, Malibu (Aug 8-11, 2012)

2011 – Religion, Nature and Art |Vatican Museums, Rome (Oct 13-14, 2011)

2010 – Living on the Edge | University of Western Australia, Perth (Dec 16-19, 2010)

2009 – Religion, Nature, and Progress | University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (July 23-26, 2009)

2008 – The Re-Enchantment of Nature across Disciplines: Critical Intersections of Science, Ethics, and Metaphysics | UNAM, Morelia, Mexico (Jan 17-20, 2008)

2006 – Exploring Religion, Nature, & Culture | University of Gainesville, Florida (April 6-9, 2006)


The ISSRNC has also been involved as a co-sponsor in several conference, which are listed below.
2007 – Religious Studies and Theology Exploring Sustainable Development: Challenges for Higher Education | Centre for Sustainable Management of Resources, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands (Sept 27-28, 2007) See the Call for Papers for its thematic interests, and its Sustainability Projects for more on the conference.
2007 – Faith, Spirituality and Social Change | University of Winchester, UK (April 14-15, 2007) The conference focused on exploring inter-faith dialogue and multi-faith action for social change.
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