Working Groups

The Working Groups are an ongoing project to provide greater opportunities for community and scholarly engagement—to continue all those “conference conversations” you started during or between sessions. The new website includes forums for each group to nourish and help germinate the ideas that develop from those conversations.

The current groups emerged organically out of a trial run at the 2016 conference in Gainesville. As new interests arise or, if you and a number of your colleagues have something you’d like to work on together, new groups can easily be added. One result is an opportunity for scholarship and interaction across disciplines that a campus department does not always afford. Another result is the opportunity to showcase your working group’s scholarship at future ISSRNC conferences—we have plans to set aside special times for working groups to present panel discussions of their work. Finally, these groups can be a great opportunity for younger scholars to interact with their senior colleagues. Plus, of course, fun.

Current Working Groups

To join a working group, follow one of the links above, and check the Request Membership box. Please provide a brief explanation of why you are interested in joining in the box labeled Comments (optional).

If you are interested in starting a new Working Group, please get in touch with the ISSRNC through our contact page.

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