Past Board Members

BOARD 2013 – 2016

Laura Hobgood: President
Sarah Pike: President-elect
Mark Peterson: Treasurer
Kristina Tiedje: Secretary
Bron Taylor: Past President
Rick Stepp: Social Sciences At-Large-Member
Calvin Bernard: Natural Sciences At-Large-Member
Isabel Mukonyora: At-Large-Member
David Haberman: At-Large-Member
Amanda Baugh: At-Large-Member
Whitney Bauman: At-Large-Member
Bernie Zahela: Student Representative
Asebe Regassa Debelo: Student Representative, Outreach to Africa

Non-Voting Officers:

Jacob Jones: Communications Director (2011-2013)
Tess Varner: Communications Director (2013-2014)
Ipsita Chatterjea: Communications Director (2015-2016)
Adrian Ivahkiv: Awards Committee


BOARD 2009 – 2012

Kocku von Stuckrad: President (2009-2011)
Laura Hobgood: President-elect (2009-2011) and President (2011-2012)
Mark Peterson: Treasurer
Kristina Tiedje: Social Science At-Large-Member (2009-2011) and Secretary (2011-2012)
Sylvie Shaw: Secretary (2009-2011)
Bron Taylor: Past President
Forest Clingerman: At-Large-Member
Lucas Johnston: Interdisciplinary At-Large-Member
Rick Stepp: Natural Sciences At-Large-Member
Robin Globus Wright: Student Representative

Non-Voting Officers:

Terry Terhaar: Executive Director (2009-2012)
Adrian Ivakhiv: Awards Committee


FOUNDING BOARD 2005 – 2009

Bron Taylor: President
Kocku von Stuckrad: President-elect
Laura Hobgood: Treasurer
Kristina Tiedje: Secretary
Forrest Clingerman: Humanities At-Large-Member
Nina Witoszek-Fitzpatrick: Social Sciences At-Large-Member
Robin Wright: At-Large-Member
Rick Stepp: Natural Sciences At-Large-Member

Non-Voting Officers:

Lucas Johnston: Interim Executive Director (2005-2007; Associate Director 2007-2009)
Terry Terhaar : Executive Director (2007-2009)
Mark Peterson: ISSRNC Nominations/Elections Committee


The ISSRNC wishes to acknowledge the following individuals who helped to establish the Society by serving on its interim executive committee from September 2005 until the September 2006 elections.

Luke Johnston (Executive Director)
Bron Taylor (President)
Kristina Tiedje (Secretary)
Mark Wallace (At Large, Humanities)
Kocku von Stuckrad (At Large, Social Science)
Adrian Ivakhiv (At Large, Interdisciplinary)
Robin Wright (Membership chair)
Roger Gottlieb (Publications chair)
Laura Hobgood (Program co-chair)
Rick Stepp (Program co-chair)

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